Temporary Login Without Password on WordPress

How to Create Temporary Login Without Password

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It’s a WordPress feature or plugin enabling brief, password-free access via secure links. Useful for granting temporary dashboard entry to developers, support, or collaborators without password sharing.

Learn hassle-free WordPress temporary logins—no passwords needed. Elevate site security and user accessibility effortlessly.

Why is it important?

Facilitates secure, controlled access to WordPress, minimizing password-sharing risks. Ideal for collaborations, troubleshooting, and temporary roles, enhancing convenience without compromising overall site security and integrity.

How to Create a Temporary Login Without Password

We prioritize user security and privacy. Our tool, the ‘WordPress Temporary Login Without Password plugin, safeguards usernames and passwords. To implement a secure temporary login, follow these steps

01. Installation of Plugin:

  • Go to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Navigate to “Plugins” > “Add New Plugin.”
Installation of Plugin
  • Search for “Temporary Login Without Password.”
  • Install and activate the plugin.
Search for “Temporary Login Without Password

02. Generate a Temporary Login:

  • Once the plugin is activated, go to “Users” > “Temporary Logins.”
  • Click on the “Create New” button or a similar option provided by the plugin.
Create New Temporary Login
  • Fill in the required information, such as the username and the expiration date for the temporary login.
  • Click the “Submit” button.

03. Share the Link:

  • Once you’ve submitted the form, the plugin will generate a unique link that the user can use to log in without a password.
  • Copy the generated link and share it with the person who needs temporary access.
Share the Link

04. Revoke Access:

  • Most importantly, make sure to revoke or delete the temporary login link once it’s no longer needed. You can do this by going to “Temporary Logins” and managing the existing logins.

05. Ensure Plugin Security:

  • Keep the plugin up-to-date to ensure compatibility with your WordPress version and to benefit from any security updates.
  • Only use reputable plugins from the official WordPress Plugin Directory.

It’s important to note that the steps may vary slightly depending on the specific plugin you choose to use. Always read the documentation provided by the plugin developer for detailed instructions and ensure that the plugin is actively maintained and supported.

As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, the “Temporary Login Without Password” plugin was a popular choice for this purpose, but there may be new plugins or updates available, so check the WordPress Plugin Directory for the latest options.


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